Create the right interior to feed your soul!

Create the right interior to feed your soul!

The relationship between interior design and emotions has received great attention in recent years, according to Indian Vastu Shastra, Chinese Feng Shui and others, interior design elements stimulate positive or negative emotions in people.

Pablo Picasso has an interesting idea about design: "A good designer copies and a genius steals. Interior design is a type of decorative art that creates the interior design of a space. The word "interior" - the French word "interieur" means the interior space of a building, room, hall.Interior planning is an important factor. It is the distribution of rooms according to the purpose. The planning of individual rooms is the "zoning" of rooms according to the purpose.

Freelance Planning. Freelance planning means designing and remodeling a space from scratch.

Universal planning. More suitable for use in small apartments.

The heyday of the interior - According to John Stilgoe, professor of landscape history at Harvard University, "The big house represents the breakdown of the American family" and "Every person not only has their own television, but also their own bathroom." Some of these houses are equipped with rooms for two children, each with a separate playroom. In this way, family members rarely interact and this limits their ability to make decisions together and participate in any activity together.

Modern design elements

If you want your home to look modern, consider the following modern design ideas.

Clear Lines Modern homes are built with clean, straight lines and a minimum of embellishment.

Minimalistic home decor.Modern spaces free from clutter and unnecessary decorations. In modern decor, functionality is more important than fashion.

Neutral colors. Modern style is moving away from bright colors in favor of a solid, neutral color palette, more often white, beige, gray, black and pastel colors are used.

Open floor plan.Use furniture instead of walls to delimit the space of an open floor plan home. For example, a kitchen island can separate the kitchen from the dining area, while a sectional sofa can complement the open living area.

Low and long furniture. Low, long pieces of furniture can give your home a modern look if they are made from natural materials such as unpainted wood or metal. Leather and fabric upholstery, wood, glass, chrome, steel and concrete are also popular finishing materials for contemporary furniture.