A sustainable development company, Dizaynim.az, was established with the aim of starting a new era in the provision of design services, in accordance with the most modern standards.

Dizaynim.az was founded in early 2015. Over the years, we have successfully completed many complex projects. The accumulated experience, highly qualified personnel, compliance with all technologies and SNiPs allow us to provide a guarantee for the work performed.

The main task of our team is to create an exclusive, unique project created directly for the needs of each of our clients: be it a city apartment - studio, design of a country house, modern interior of an apartment or office space. The project that you have always dreamed of, while professionally adjusting your dream, applying modern novelties of finishing materials and technologies. However, for all its ultra-fashionable manufacturability, modern design can be quite "mundane", harmoniously combining comfort, ergonomics and elegance.

Performing work at a high level of quality is the main priority of our company. In design, every detail matters. To create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, everything should be thought out, all elements should be placed in their places!

Like many design companies, we are guided by the practice of European companies, including Italian bureaus, since most of the information about new collections of furniture, sanitary ware and finishing materials comes from Europe.

Architects-designers and craftsmen are professionals in their field. All of them regularly undergo refresher courses and certification.

In individual projects, our company works according to the design&build concept. This concept assumes the minimum employment of the client at the facility, and the manager of the company, with whom you have constant contact, takes care of all the trouble. The design & build concept includes a project, selection of finishing materials, furniture, plumbing and other interior items, as well as engineering systems.

Our advantages:

All projects are strictly individual;
An individual contract is concluded with each client;
Personal architect-designer;
Individual scheme of work;
Individual payment schedule;
Individual discounts are discussed.

Why we are trusted:

Our company creates author's design - projects. We guarantee that you will never meet anything similar with your friends and acquaintances!
In our company, we try to take into account all the interests and wishes of the client. Each customer is a co-author - all ideas and wishes are discussed and thought out to the smallest detail!
We do not offer solutions that we cannot translate into reality. You can be 100% sure that the design we created - the project is absolutely realizable!
We always give our customer a choice - to get a complete design - a turnkey project and continue to implement it yourself, or use the services of our professional team, while getting a guaranteed high-quality result!
We will fully complete the project with all the necessary furniture, exclusive finishing materials and decorative elements in full accordance with the budget approved by you!
We care about the final result, because our reputation is very dear to us. In this regard, we carry out architectural supervision of the project at all its stages! Our designers constantly monitor the quality of work performed and carefully monitor the process in accordance with the requirements of project documentation. Architectural supervision allows, on the one hand, to correctly select materials, furniture, accessories, meeting the wishes of the customer, on the other hand, to show perseverance, to prevent the adoption of rash, technically ill-conceived decisions. Computer 3D modeling makes it possible to see the future interior in detail.
Using modern technologies, we select the most practical and optimal building materials for each project, taking into account the specifics and features of the premises.
With each client, we conclude only a transparent and mutually beneficial agreement, which spells out all the nuances of cooperation and the real cost of work at all stages. Our designers and managers are always ready to provide high-quality advice and answer any of your questions.
We regularly provide customers with various bonuses and discounts.

Thanks to the observance of all these principles and established cooperation, we have earned the trust of customers who recommend us to their friends. We provide a full range of services, from creation to implementation of a turnkey design project! If our principles are close to you - contact us!