The most dangerous kitchen planning schemes

The most dangerous kitchen planning schemes

The process of designing a kitchen is not only exciting, but also responsible. The future layout should reflect not only the architectural features of the dwelling as a whole, but also the needs of the owner - as a culinary specialist who is used to working in certain conditions. Consider the most common kitchen layouts: straight (along the wall), parallel (along opposite walls), U - shaped and angular

Along the wall. Until recently, direct kitchens were found only in small interiors. Today you can also find kitchen sets on one wall in large rooms. No wonder, because single-row kitchens are a very popular trend. The easiest and best option for a room of different parameters. What is the feature? The principle that should be followed when arranging a direct kitchen is the rule of the production line. All appliances should be planned so that work in the kitchen is quick and convenient.A direct kitchen is a great solution for interiors in which the cooking room is connected to the living room. In the open daily area, the kitchen should become a single whole. Therefore, the furniture should be selected to the style of the living room, as well as perform representative functions. The space between the kitchen and the living room can be divided in many ways or left completely empty. Kitchen furniture on one wall - ideal for small spaces where it is difficult to find another type of furniture. You can, for example, use the free space as a place to eat.A direct kitchen is a convenient solution for both large and small interiors. In the latter case, it works especially well because the lack of walls separating the kitchen gives the impression of more space.Parallel (on opposite walls). Let's say you've chosen a two-wall layout. How to place furniture and appliances? How to put furniture, gas stove, refrigerator, dishwasher? The kitchen on two walls has important advantages:

a spacious working area (if the distance between two rows of furniture is large, several people can work in the kitchen at the same time, which is important on the eve of home celebrations when you have to cook a lot);
the ability to put a large amount of furniture and appliances (there are many cabinets in one line, a dishwasher, a sink and a refrigerator cannot be accommodated, when the interior allows furniture to be placed in two rows, the problem is removed).This option can be called ideal when it comes to arranging a long, elongated room. The two-row arrangement of furniture modules allows the most rational use of the kitchen space, creating comfortable conditions for the hostess and all household memberU - shaped kitchen. Versatile, comfortable and highly adjustable. This is a kitchen designed according to the plan of the letter U. This option often results in an excellent connection between the zones, and a usable area that is fully utilized. The U-shaped plan is the second most popular way to equip a kitchen in a modern home. A very popular procedure in such kitchens is to put the sink under the window. To maintain proper ergonomics, it is worth placing the refrigerator and stove in the side rows of cabinets.U-shaped kitchen with an island. The kitchen island looks great in large kitchens. Firstly, it is a very convenient accent that allows you to increase the work surface. Secondly, this solution gives each interior an interesting look. As for the style of the island, here you have freedom of choice. When choosing this element for the kitchen, remember, however, that it is good to use it as a functional storage space. Therefore, it should have a lot of drawers and cabinets to accommodate the kitchen buffet. Today, more and more customers are choosing a multifunctional island. This type of construction has, for example, a built-in sink or stove.U-shaped kitchen with breakfast bar. In the large kitchen, if you do not choose an island, you can put a bar counter. It is light, elegant and highly adjustable for the interior. The bar counter will be especially useful in houses or apartments where you want the living room-kitchen to be open. To diversify this arrangement, it is worth hanging an interesting lamp low above the table.Corner (G - shaped) kitchen. Most often, the corner kitchen is located at two perpendicular walls, where the main communications are connected. As a rule, the furniture is opposite the window, closer to which they put a dining table with stools.The corner kitchen project can be deployed differently: if the wall with the window is longer, you can place a number of lower cabinets under the window, possibly a sink and even a hob, but drafts should be excluded during cooking, especially when using gas equipment.An interesting variant of the L-shaped kitchen is a solid far wall, when the worktop for cutting, hob and sink are on the long side of the room. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets without tables or ledges are a modern solution that maximizes the functionality of the headset. Built-in ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers. A small kitchen with such furniture will not only be stylish, but also the most equipped, ergonomic.Putting a corner set is only half the battle. It is necessary to combine it with other items, reasonably organizing the available space. Often the kitchen includes a dining area, and the design option depends on the layout.

Corner kitchen with breakfast bar. A modern way to create a place to eat and hang out with friends. Such structures often play the role of a partition in a studio apartment, but they are also suitable for enclosed spaces. You can continue the window sill with a stationary tabletop or equip a folding table that can be placed if necessary or removed so as not to interfere with moving around a modest room.Corner kitchen with island or peninsula. Such options are suitable for organizing a dining area and an additional worktop in studio apartments or spacious kitchens with rectangular geometry. If your room does not have large dimensions, you can stay on a mobile island or a small peninsula, using it as a bar from the outside. That is, in fact, one part of the headset divides the room into two parts. One of them is a working area, and the second is a living room or a full-sized dining room. The protruding part of the furniture can be not only a countertop with cabinets under it, but also a bar counter.With all the variety of layouts, the choice of functional elements largely depends on the design style.Remember! The kitchen must be as practical, functional and comfortable as possible, but at the same time it should not take up much space and allow you to easily get to any desired section.